Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Yeditepe University Hospital Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center operates both from the hospital’s main building and the Center’s state-of-the-art premises in Bağdat Avenue, one of the city’s most prestigious addresses.

We treat a wide spectrum of patients at both facilities. People of every age group and with every kind of bone, joint and muscle complaint are admitted for treatment. This might be a newborn baby or a senior citizen; our age range is vast. We also treat stroke victims who have been unable to receive effective treatment due to a lack of premises and therapists able to carry out such treatment.

The Yeditepe University Hospital Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Department not only treats, but works to prevent and provide lasting solutions, to musculoskeletal issues during the patient’s treatment period.

In-patient and out-patient rehabilitation is offered for all congenital, traumatic or post-surgery orthopedic, neurologic and rheumatic diseases, cancer, and lung and heart diseases, in line with the patient’s individual desires and requirements.

Treated Conditions And Diseases

  • Posture and gait disorders
  • Neck and back pain, hernia, sciatica pain
  • Joint pain, arthritis
  • Malformations of the spine
  • Muscle weakness, loss of appetite
  • Balance disorders
  • Nerve constriction
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease

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Injection therapy

Physiotherapy, medication or only exercise is administered according to the examination and diagnosis of each patient. In required cases injection therapy is also applied: when rest, oral medication and exercise are not sufficient, injection therapy is applied into the joints, the surrounding area and soft tissue.

Magnetic field therapy

Magnetic field therapy is a technology we apply after assessments and examinations, on a wide group of patients. It is particularly effective in cases of non-operative fractures, joint and spinal arthritis, soft tissue trauma and rheumatism, serving to reduce pain significantly.

Our distinctive feature is our close involvement with the patient

Yeditepe University Hospital Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department’s distinctive features come into play during the process of physiotherapy sessions, where all patients being treated at the hospital or the Bağdat Avenue Polyclinic are kept under close personal supervision and monitoring.

Yeditepe University Hospital’s Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation healthcare services at the salons in both centers. As well as the technology used in physiotherapy, physical exercise is also crucial, as a patient needs to be monitored during exercise; all exercise sessions at the centers are conducted under one-on-one supervision by a trained therapist.

Meet MedicaTürk, Our International Patients Department

As Yeditepe Healthcare Group, we are presenting you our own International Patient department MedicaTürk.

Medicatürk focusing only on a seamless patient journey, helping patients on their travels to Yeditepe from beginning to end.

News & Patient Stories

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Cornel Sırbu, from Romania, learned that he had colon cancer during colonoscopy examination. In operation performed, Sırbu’s large intestine was taken out of the abdomen and attached to a ‘colostomy bag’.

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