Anxiety disorders

From time to time, feelings of anxiety are a part of everyday life. However, if these feelings persist and intensify, it could indicate an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder can have a negative effect on a person’s ability to function and his or her everyday activities. Left untreated, anxiety disorders can lead to disturbances in social relationships, work or school life; in time it can even lead to problems such as lack of success at school or work, and alcohol use. Therefore it is important to respond to the condition correctly and on time.

Anxiety disorders include panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychotherapy teaches the person to overcome these anxieties more effectively. In some cases, psychotherapy is assisted by the simultaneous application of medical treatment and psychiatric support. Yeditepe University Hospital works on the basis of an institutionalized cooperative relationship between psychologists and psychiatrists in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. These specialists in their fields listen to you carefully and follow a treatment protocol designed with your individual needs in mind.


Depression is a condition that impacts negatively on a person’s mood, thought processes and physical health. Deterioration in this area can impact on other parts of a person’s life. A depressive person feels tired, sad and tense and finds it hard to take pleasure from activities he or she used to enjoy. Repetitive and persistent pain that has no organic cause can also herald the onset of depression. At Yeditepe University Hospital, people who show indications of depression are initially assessed by a team consisting of a psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist; they are then given psychotherapeutic treatment as well as medical treatment in line with established protocols, if required.

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression. Patients suffering from bipolar disorder swing from periods of excessive manic activity and emotion, to periods of extreme depression. The condition can begin in childhood or early adulthood. Bipolar patients can lead a normal life with the correct treatment. The correct treatment involves a combination of medical treatment prescribed in line with the precise needs and condition of the individual patient, combined with psychotherapy that helps the patient in terms of understanding the condition and learning coping strategies.

Getting to Know Yourself Sessions

No one can dispute that communications and human relations are becoming progressively more important in the modern world. It is recognized that people who establish more positive and constructive communications with others do better in their private, family and working lives. One of the problems of hectic modern life is the feeling of meaninglessness that people suffer from time to time. People can find it difficult to deal with the hustle and bustle of life and think they are engaged in a pointless race.

Our team of specialist psychologists listens to participants and draws up an individualized development plan focusing on the participant’s demands, the problems they want to resolve and the areas in which they want to make progress.

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