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    • Faculty and year of graduation: Bosphorus University, 2015 
    • Year and place of specialization: Bosphorus University, 2018

    Work experience

    • 2015-2018 Professor at BUPAM-an institution providing psychotherapy services for students and relatives of Bosphorus University
    • Application of psychotherapy with a psychodynamic approach in the supervisor of Guler Okman flash and Nur Janissary
    • 2018-administrative coordinator in BUPAM (1 year)
    • 2014-Bakyrkey Hospital for Mental and Nervous diseases-clinical internship (1 month)
    • 2013-Erenkei hospital for Mental and Nervous diseases-clinical internship (1 month)

    Certificates and documents

    • Short-Term / Long-Term Psychotherapy With A Psychodynamic Approach
    • “Certification Of Bex Behavioral Cognitive Therapy Methods And Certification Of Basic Psychodrama Methods
    • “Rorschach test, comprehensive Minnesota personality inventory, Viso-R intelligence scale

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