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About MedicaTürk

Medicaturk Turkey is a medical tourism agency based in Istanbul. Medicaturk serves in the whole process of comprehensive health tourism in Turkey in the treatment of international patients. Medicaturk provides the services such as second opinion for international patients, travel planning, appointment in hospitals, hospitalization and discharge, interpreting, 7/24 insurance provisions, aircraft and land ambulance services.

For international patients, traveling to another country and hassle-free communication unfortunately increase the anxiety and anxiety of diseases. MedicaTürk team, speaking in more than 15 languages, is a bridge between patients and healthcare providers as soon as MedicaTürk receive patient reports, providing seamless support throughout their journey by establishing a single point of contact with patients.

MedicaTürk Makes It Easy

Coming into hospital can be a challenging experience, especially when you are away from your home country. To help you to prepare for your appointment, diagnostic tests or inpatient stay at the hospital, MedicaTürk has a dedicated team of multilingual experts who will take you through the entire process from admission to discharge.

Journey of international patient process are as follows outlines: receiving patient reports, evaluation and treatment plan creation, create appointments, organization of travel plans, Turkey arrival and transfer, treatment and post-treatment assistance services.

MedicaTürk is with you in all processes!

MedicaTürk Services

Airport VIP Transfer
Support Multilingue
Personal Assistance
Flight & Passport Services
Operation and Medical Treatment
Treatment Package Options
Healthcare Insurance Options

Arranging Treatment

MedicaTürk is recognized by most major private health insurance companies. If you do not have a private cover or are not covered for the particular tests or procedures you are scheduled to undergo, you can pay for your treatment.

If required, MedicaTürk can also arrange treatment for international patients, whether through an agency, diplomatic mission, or direct from your home country. MedicaTürk has dedicated experts and interpreters to help patients from overseas access the entire range of healthcare services.

We re Here to Help

Get a Second medical opinion on Yeditepe University Hospitals. It gives you access to the Best Doctors’ network of the world’s leading medical specialists, enabling you to get a free second opinion on any diagnosis or treatment.


Making An Appointment

MedicaTürk will help you to make an appointment with one of our leading specialists. Our specialists will explain the medical images, reports, lab tests, and any other data you may need to send before your first appointment. In some cases, an appointment can be made directly without the need for such information and data, particularly in the case of cosmetic procedures.

Choosing Your Specialist

To get the best out of MedicaTürk and their partners, the first step is carefully to select the department and specialist most appropriate to your particular condition. Often your doctor in your home country will help to guide you to a specialist with the correct expertise to treat your condition, but there are also some tips to help you make your choice:

All our specialists are highly trained, qualified and experienced. You may check with medical registers or online resources to see that the consultant you have chosen has specialized in his or her chosen field, and has the experience necessary to treat your condition.
Research your specialist on the internet – find out about their training, qualifications and experience. Leading consultants at Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions often hold teaching posts and submit papers to international medical journals.

Ask your own doctor for advice – if you have researched a specialist and would like your doctor’s opinion, they should be able to give you support in your decision making.

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