Microsurgery Clinic

Offering treatments for tissue or organ loss in almost every part of the body, microsurgery can restore function to various tissue types including the scalp.

Similarly, microsurgery techniques are used in the surgical treatment of diseased parts of sensitive parts of the body such as nerves and blood vessels. In addition, they are highly effective in treating congenital deformities and growth retardation, as well as close to perfect biological repair in accident related cases in which body parts have only partially re-formed. Live tissue is transplanted to support the hip bone and knees in cases of bone tissue loss caused by fractures, tumors and blood supply disorders. In nose repair or to restore jawbone function, the jaw can be reconstructed from bone in the patient’s leg or likewise the nose reconstructed from transplanted tissue taken from the forearm.

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These kinds of procedures are carried out at Yeditepe University Hospital by a highly experienced team of specialists at our Microsurgery Clinic who offer advanced microsurgical solutions to patients’ needs within the Hospital’s spirit of medical and academic excellence.

As in all our Departments, a thoroughly multidisciplinary approach distinguishes the work of our Microsurgery Clinic. Fully aware of the importance of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the recovery of our patients and their ability to regain full function after their surgery, we also have experienced physiotherapists specializing in hand surgery cases to ensure patients have the maximum level of post-op support and guidance.

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Medicatürk focusing only on a seamless patient journey, helping patients on their travels to Yeditepe from beginning to end.

News & Patient Stories

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Mehmet Ökten, 21 years old and from Şanlıurfa, had many problems for years due to his high-pitched voice. So much so that it was even thought that she was a woman while talking on the phone…

Came To Turkey To Get Rid Of Colostomy Bag

Cornel Sırbu, from Romania, learned that he had colon cancer during colonoscopy examination. In operation performed, Sırbu’s large intestine was taken out of the abdomen and attached to a ‘colostomy bag’.

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