International Patients

We believe that an excellent standard of healthcare should be accessible to you wherever you are in the world. And at Yeditepe University Hospital Healthcare Institutions, we have a great deal of practical experience helping patients who come to us for treatment from around the world.

Why Choose Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions?

Yeditepe University Hospital Healthcare Institutions has been a regional leader in the provision of health care services since 2005, while Yeditepe University has been a pioneer in education and training for over 20 years.

We are located in the heart of Istanbul, the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

We reinvest our charitable funds into new, life enhancing technology across the range of medical specializations.

We treat our international patients with respect and cultural sensitivity, caring for them and their accompanying persons in their own language, in a clean, friendly and comfortable environment.

We have a 24 hour consultant-lead Intensive Care Unit.

We have a long standing international reputation that attracts patients from around the world.

We re Here to Help

Get a Second medical opinion on Yeditepe University Hospitals. It gives you access to the Best Doctors’ network of the world’s leading medical specialists, enabling you to get a free second opinion on any diagnosis or treatment.


Yeditepe Offers All International Patients:

A home away from home: travelling abroad for medical treatment can be stressful. Here at Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions we do all we can to reassure you, make you comfortable, bring you familiar food, and our international patient services department can help you ask for anything you need.

The highest standard of expert medical

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care: we pride ourselves on the expertise and caliber of our specialists and nurses. Many of our doctors are internationally renowned and leaders within their areas of specialty and work together in multidisciplinary teams.

Keeping you informed: we want to make your stay and treatment at Yeditepe University Hospital Healthcare Institutions as stress free as possible: we make every effort to keep you informed of all details with regular communication throughout the process from admission to discharge.

Personal comfort: your room is your sanctuary during your treatment and recovery and we make every effort to meet all of your medical, social, cultural or emotional needs.

Care for your family and loved ones: our international patients generally make the journey for treatment with an accompanying person. All rooms have a pull out single bed for the patient’s family member or loved on to be able to stay close to them, overnight if they wish. We support families with links to local accommodation, places to eat and places of interest in Istanbul for their leisure and moral support.

Excellence In Treating International Patients

Our hospital is only as good as its staff and employees. That is why we have selected a group of dedicated experts, giving them additional vocational and in-work training to refine their skill and experience in order that international patients are treated not only as patients, but as honored guests whose particular needs and concerns are addressed with sensitivity and respect.

Of course we have a multilingual team, dedicated to the welfare of our international patients. But we need to speak not only the language of our international patients and their loved ones, but also act in a culturally sensitive and compassionate manner. After all, the process of treatment and recovery is greatly improved when our guests are at ease, fully informed, and able to discuss every aspect of their diagnosis and treatment.

Our services are not restricted to supporting patients during their stay at Yeditepe University Hospitals. We provide a ‘360 degree’ kaleidoscope of service and support.

This starts from the moment of your initial enquiry or referral; our work continues through the travel, transfer and admissions processes, throughout your treatment period, and beyond to follow-up and liaison with your own doctors after your safe return home.

Wherever you are from, we look forward to greeting and serving you at Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions.

Paying For Your Treatment

Our International Patient Services Department can help if you need:

· Advice on paying your bill
· Advice on your private insurance cover and how to use it
· To settle your account

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