Yeditepe University Hospital’s Medical Oncology Department services consist of outpatient treatment and inpatient treatment sections.

These units offer both chemotherapy and supportive care. Medical oncology specialists determine the treatment regimen and specifications for the patient, while other team members work to ensure the quality and comfort of treatment.

Our chemotherapy medications are prepared by a specialist team consisting of highly qualified biologists in a special unit in strictly regulated sanitary conditions.

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In our department, chemotherapy and supportive care is performed in a wide range of cancer types and metastasis:

  • brain
  • lung
  • breast
  • liver
  • esophagus
  • stomach
  • pancreas
  • colon
  • rectum
  • bone
  • prostate
  • head and neck
  • female genital tumors

At Yeditepe University Hospital’s Multidisciplinary Tumor Council, the most appropriate treatment approach is determined through detailed analysis and discussion of each individual case.

In the Medical Oncology Department, chemotherapy, targeted treatments and hormone therapy are evaluated on a patient by patient basis by the medical oncology specialist; treatment is planned taking into account the weight, height, general condition and medical history of the patient and performed by our experienced team. And with cold cap therapy at Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions we can minimize treatment-related hair loss.

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