Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

Yeditepe University Hospital Department of Cardiovascular Surgery offers our international patients world-class solutions to cardiac and vascular disease, and the superb conditions provided by our team of academicians and specialists trained in the use of the world’s most advanced technologies and techniques. Our Adult Heart Surgery Department’s experienced specialist team is a reference point in terms of excellence in the fields of by-pass surgery, heart valve operations and aorta surgery.

The department’s success is supported by an experienced team of cardiac anesthesiologists and an Intensive Care Unit equipped with the most advanced equipment available to modern medical science. Our international patients are able to recover with all the comforts of home in specially equipped luxury private rooms with every medical and concierge service the press of a button away.

Yeditepe University Hospital Heart Team

The concept of a dynamic “Heart Team” composed of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons as the basis to effective diagnosis and treatment has rapidly spread throughout the most developed health care centers of the world, and is increasingly demanded by patients seeking the most successful treatment for heart conditions. The Yeditepe University Hospital Heart Team has been formed with the aim of providing international patients with a world class interdisciplinary service to maximize the success and comfort of their treatment.

The Yeditepe University Hospital Heart Team periodically conducts detailed assessments of each patient’s data and condition in order to ensure their treatment under the most appropriate protocol.

The Yeditepe University Hospital Heart Team facilitates international patients’ diagnosis and treatment by bringing together all the available human and technological resources of the Yeditepe University Hospital across the range of medical specialties but centering on the core team of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons. “Hybrid Surgery” – the simultaneous performance of different types of surgery – is carried out at the specially equipped and designed “hybrid operating theater”, while in appropriate cases angiographic vascular examinations are carried out after by-pass surgery without the patient leaving the operating theater. 4-dimensional echocardiographic assessment of the heart valves can be conducted straight after heart valve surgery, enabling the patient to leave the operating theater without delay. As well as offering more traditional methods and techniques when required, Yeditepe University Hospital is at the forefront of international innovations in the field of cardiovascular surgery.

The Yeditepe University Hospital Heart Team is also experienced in the field of aortic valve replacement and Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI).

JCI Accredited first and only medical education center in Turkey

Yeditepe University Hospital Healthcare Institutions are thefirst and only medical education center in Turkey to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), recognized worldwide as the “Gold Seal” in patient care and safety.

By-Pass Surgery

The coronary arteries are the vessels that feed the heart muscle. Constriction or blockage of these vessels, which have a diameter of 1-2 mm, can obstruct the supply of blood to the heart muscles, leading to heart dysfunction, chest pain known as “angina pectoris”, and most significantly heart attack and sudden death. The recommended treatment methods for cases of arterial narrowing and blockage that require intervention are balloon / stent applications, and by-pass surgery. The treatment should be implemented as soon as possible after the patient has been diagnosed, in order to prevent further damage to the heart muscle.

Coronary artery bypass surgery is a surgical procedure performed to relieve angina and reduce the risk of death from coronary artery disease. Arteries or veins from elsewhere in the patient’s body, especially the legs and chest region, are grafted to the coronary arteries to bypass atherosclerotic narrowings and improve the blood supply to the coronary circulation supplying the myocardium (heart muscle). The use of chest arteries is important in the long-term success of the operation. Operations using chest arteries have been shown to have a 10-year survival rate of 92% while the figure for leg veins is 50-60%.

In contrast to the traditional approach in which only arteries and veins from the left side are used, the Yeditepe University Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery department has a team that is highly trained and accomplished in the simultaneous use of chest arteries from both the left and right sides. In addition, our team is experienced in carrying out successful “Beating Heart” by-pass surgery.

In most cases, patients are admitted to the hospital one day prior to surgery for preparation. International patients may be admitted some time before this, and they will in any case be assisted by their dedicated Recovery Specialists throughout the process. After 1-2 days under observation in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, patients are generally discharged 5-7 days later.

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Heart Valve Surgery

The heart valves ensure the correct one-way flow of blood between the heart chambers, and to the organs of the body. Congenital or acquired narrowing of the heart valves (obstructing the flow of blood to the organs that it feeds) or valve failure (in which the correct one-way flow is disrupted and blood flows back in the reverse direction) can occur. Dysfunctional valves require intervention before they disrupt cardiac function or as soon as any such effect is observed. Otherwise, valve failure may cause irreversible damage to cardiac function.

Valve repair is the preferred treatment method for valve failure, without replacing the valve. But in cases where this is not possible the diseased valve has to be surgically replaced with a prosthetic valve. The most commonly affected valves in adults are the aortic, mitral and tricuspid valves. There are two types of prosthetic valve: mechanical (metal) and biologic (manufactured from animal tissue). The type of prosthesis to be used is decided upon based on consultations with the patient and based on the patient’s condition and characteristics. The Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) method is an important recent development that is preferred for high-risk surgery on the aortic valve, especially in older patients, as it allows replacement without opening the chest. The Yeditepe University Hospital Heart Team has accumulated considerable experience in carrying out TAVI surgery.

Aortic Surgery

The aorta is the main artery carrying blood from the heart to the organs. Aortic disease can be life-threatening and requires urgent intervention as soon as it is diagnosed. Any delay can have undesired consequences, including the loss of the patient.

Aortic Aneurism and Aortic Dissection surgery can only be carried out at advanced surgical centers. The Yeditepe University Hospital Aortic Surgery unit is highly experienced in every aspect of the field.

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