Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism, also known as health tourism, or medical travel, international travel for the purpose of receiving medical care. Many patients engage in medical tourism because the procedures they seek can be performed at a relatively low cost in other countries and without the delay and inconvenience of being put on a waiting list. Furthermore, some patients travel to specific destinations in order to undergo procedures not available in their home country.

Traveling abroad for treatment has experienced a real boom in Western European and American countries over the past few years. Today, 5 percent of all international trips are medical tourism-related. About 14 million people decide to go abroad to seek healthcare. Factors that have led to the growing popularity of medical travel include high health care costs, long waiting times for certain procedures, the ease and affordability of international travel, and improvements in many countries in both technology and standards of care. Waiting times avoidance is the UK’s leading factor for medical tourism, whereas in the US, the main reason is cheaper prices abroad.

It is cost-effective for Americans or Brits to go to Turkey for a couple of days to make an intervention, but also to take a break to get to know another country … With transportation, expenses and escort the total costs are a few times lower than in countries of their origin. For example, a heart valve replacement in the United States that can cost up to $200,000 USD in Turkey would generally cost about $17,000 USD. 40 percent of the current total turnover in medical tourism is in dental services, 42 percent in orthopedics, cardiology, cardiac surgery and neurosurgery, and 15 percent in esthetic surgery.

To emphasize, besides the price itself, the key factor in selecting a destination is certainly the standard of medical services, the hospital staff’s high expertise, and hospitality, as well as the site’s attractiveness in a touristic sense.

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Turkey straddles both Asia and Europe and is commonly known as Eurasian. It borders four seas and eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Turkey ‘s culture, combined with its rich history as the successor state to the ancient Ottoman Empire, is a fascinating tapestry that combines both eastern and western elements. In the modern age, Turkey has integrated into the West through organizations such as NATO, the Council of Europe, and the G-20; since 2005, it has been negotiating for full membership of the European Union. Turkey is listed as both a developed country (like the U.S. and Western Europe) and a regional power, due to its advanced economy and infrastructure. It is also more secular than other countries in the region.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s leading Health Tourism destinations. In addition to the available high-quality facilities, medical tourists have access to thermal spas and health care programs that incorporate five-star hotel accommodation into their package. Turkey has been a popular destination for medical tourists from European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, and other countries as well as the Middle East and Latin America.


According to data by the Turkish Ministry of Health, it is estimated that approximately 552,000 foreign patients benefited from Turkish health-care tourism opportunities in 2018 while at average 40 million tourists visited Turkey same year.

Turkey's Healthcare System

Turkey is actively seeking full membership in the near future to the European Union. To prepare for this, there is stringent enforcement of quality, technological and medical requirements for both public and private health care organizations. Independent watchdogs formed by the Ministry of Health are continuously monitoring certain standards. Together with an Independent Turkish Medical Group, the Ministry of Health sets the local standards and guidelines that hospitals, health care facilities, and medical practitioners obey.


Treatment costs in Turkey are 70%-90% less than the prices in Europe, North America, and the UK. For example, heart valve replacement surgery costs 170,000USD-200,000USD in the USA while it costs around 17.000USD in experienced hands in Turkey.

Approximately 55 percent of Turkey’s 1200 + hospitals are owned and run by the Turkish Ministry of Health, while the remainder are owned by universities, private companies, and international organizations. Most hospitals have local and international accreditations, including the JCI (Joint Commissions International), JACHO (Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations Accreditation), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and Western medical associations and facilities affiliations.


The majority of healthcare professionals are fluent in foreign languages, and many doctors are involved in academic collaboration with the United States and European countries and contribute to the writing of various studies and international guidelines and standards.

Many hospitals in Turkey have English-speaking physicians and medical staff licensed by the Turkish Medical Association as well as members of their specialized organizations, including the Turkish Dental Association, the Turkish Gynecologist & Obstetric Association, the Turkish Orthopedic and Traumatology Association, the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive & Esthetic Surgery Association.

Traveling to Turkey

Turkey is easily accessed by all airlines coming from Europe. A total of more than 300 flights come from various countries and arrive in one of Turkey’s five major airports on a daily basis.

Turkey, given its geostrategic position between 3 continents, is one of the most advantageous countries. Within the 4-hour flight distance radius, Turkey has an opportunity to provide health-care services to 1.5 billion people. 

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