Mehmet Ökten, 21 years old and from Şanlıurfa, had many problems for years due to his high-pitched voice. So much so that it was even thought that she was a woman while talking on the phone… Ökten, who gained the voice he wanted after years with the operation of “voice aesthetics” performed at Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital, said, “My self-confidence, my walk, my facial expressions, even my smile changed. I was reborn with my new voice.”

Mehmet Ökten, who was born in Siverek/Şanlıurfa, realized that his voice was higher-pitched than that of his peers during his adolescence. Moreover, his speeches were not fully understood. While seeking solutions, even though the experts he consulted said that the problem was caused by a cold and that it would improve over time, but it did not. Mehmet got his real voice in Istanbul.

Those Who Was Hearing My Voice Thought That I Was A Woman

Mehmet Ökten, who stated that his voice was likened to female voice especially in phone conversations and so he had difficulties in speaking in society, said, “When I came to study in İstanbul, my friends said,’Your voice is strange. What you say is not understood.’ For years, both the difference in my voice and the cause of hoarseness have not been found out. I was also annoyed that I couldn’t express myself. This situation reached such a point that I started to experience a lack of self-confidence. Both my private and social life began to be affected.”

I Was Weary Of Life, Has Been Reborn

Mehmet Ökten, who heard his true voice after 21 years with the 2-hour voice aesthetic operation performed by Prof. Dr Zeynep Alkan who is Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Specialist, explained the process he experienced as follows:

“Dr Zeynep diagnosed that my vocal cords were too far apart. She told me that the problem could be solved by surgery. First, I had surgery for the deviation problem in my nose. Then, I had vocal cord surgery. I went back to my daily life in 20 days, and my life changed completely as well. After the surgery, I started voice therapy to make good use of my voice. I’m still continuing my voice exercises at home. But, I can say that this surgery has completely changed me. I am more pleased to meet with my friends. I can now tell a long subject with a breath. I regained my confidence. I was weary of life, has been reborn.”

The Tones Of The Voice Was Adjusted With The Patient During Surgery

Prof. Dr Zeynep Alkan, who stated that Mehmet Ökten’s surgery was performed under local anaesthesia, shared the following information about the operation:

“During the operation, we listened to the patient’s voice with the patient and adjusted it for making high-pitched the voice he liked and desired. We performed the procedure with a small incision from the neck. Later on, since aesthetic sutures are used, there is no scar. After these surgeries, it takes at least six months for the sound to fit properly. During this period, we taught Mehmet how to use his voice through voice therapy. He has become more comfortable and safe to use his voice. In addition to this, his confidence and even his success at work increased. He says he’s happier now.”

Who Can Benefit from Voice Aesthetics

ENT Specialist, Prof. Dr Zeynep Alkan, who stated they commonly apply aesthetic operations such as voice deepening or making the voice high-pitched, gave the following information:

“The change in voice during adolescence sometimes can be completed by adulthood. One can remain with the voice of childhood. Some artists may not be able to have high-pitched tones due to ageing. In this case, we do stretching of the vocal cords. In addition, there are also people who want to change their voice after gender reassignment surgeries. These surgeries can be applied to people who are unhappy with their voice.”

This operation, in which the voice is deepened or high-pitched, is performed daily basis. It is completed in approximately 1.5-2 hours with local anaesthesia. Prof. Dr Zeynep Alkan said, “by lengthening or shortening the length of the vocal cord, we make voice deepened or high-pitched. The patient does not sleep and can listen to his/her own voice. When it comes to the point he/she wants to reach, we complete the process. So, the result is achieved before leaving the operating room. Thereafter, the therapy process begins for the patient to get used to his/her new voice.”

Patient Stories

Ashamed To Speak, Reborn In His New Voice

Mehmet Ökten, 21 years old and from Şanlıurfa, had many problems for years due to his high-pitched voice. So much so that it was even thought that she was a woman while talking on the phone…