Yeditepe University Hospitals render healthcare services at all medical departments without making profit, as necessitated by its mission and vision. Continuing operations at this direction, In Vitro Fertilization Center also maintains its activities for providing couples with pregnancy plan with accurate solutions. All treatment strategies tailored to special needs of person and couple are planned in the light of scientific data and current approaches.

Yeditepe University Hospitals are notable for a large team of expert physicians, embryologists and biologists in In Vitro Fertilization Center, where a distinctive approach is adopted especially for difficult cases. Treatment and management of all cases are based on joint decision of this team.

Cutting edge technology is utilized and current approaches are followed and tried to be practiced in Embryology laboratory, which plays a very crucial role in management of infertility.

For detailed information about Yeditepe University Hospitals IVF treatment, you can visit IVF Center page.

Patient Stories

Ashamed To Speak, Reborn In His New Voice

Mehmet Ökten, 21 years old and from Şanlıurfa, had many problems for years due to his high-pitched voice. So much so that it was even thought that she was a woman while talking on the phone…