Coronavirus, which has been the primary focus in our country and throughout the world since January 2020, has been diagnosed in
183.000 people in 155 different countries so far. As its course and its death rates are clearly observable and there are possible treatment methods, it is not a disease to be afraid of. Your precautions will protect you. Precautions save lives, panic does not!
Patients come to healthcare facilities with high temperature, breathing difficulties and coughing. The disease can be verified with scanning and laboratory tests.
So far, the cases that resulted in death are mostly elderly people and people with systemic diseases underneath. The virus is able to spread from one human to another. Its infectivity speed is not as high as chickenpox.
As its primary infection method is droplets, there is a need of one-meter distance with the infected person for infection.
After the infection, the time that is necessary for the symptoms such as temperature and breathing difficulties is between 2-20 days, but the virus generally manifests itself in 14 days.
Coronavirus may infect a person by the inhalation of the droplets in the air spread by an infected person via coughing or sneezing or touching those droplets that land on surfaces such as doorknobs or elevator buttons and rubbing the same hand to eyes or mouth.


Masks are not protective for healthy people when they cover their faces in the open air.

Even if it’s allergic, it is much more important for people with a sneeze and/or cough or with a high body temperature whenever they are in public.

Usage of masks might be better for people who will be present in an enclosed space with a lot of people for the possibility of encountering an infected person.

As the importance of surface infection is understood to be much more important, anyone who leaves their home should avoid touching their faces, eyes or mouth after touching a surface in public.

During the time in public, it is highly important for everyone to wash their hands frequently, use alcohol in the absence of water and a basin (60% cologne is the easiest option) to disinfect their hands, and wash their hands after contact with an infected person.

Mouth washing with warm water and use of warm liquids might prevent the virus to settle in.
Good nutrition, spending time in the open air, having the enclosed spaces aired frequently, exercise and attention to sleeping patterns contribute to the general health as well as the reduction of the settling of the virus.
As tightly enclosed spaces increase the possibility of an infection, use of stairs is safer than elevators.
When the symptoms start to manifest themselves, it is highly important to head to a healthcare facility and using a mask en route is highly important.

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