Stating that pre-diabetes (hidden sugar) which is considered as the onset of sugar (diabetes) diseases is preventable, Endocrinology Specialist Dr. Hasan Aydın, said, “İn Turkey, 1 out of every 3 people pre-diabetes patients. The incidence is 36 percent. If we think pre-diabetes leads diabetes in the long term, we can understand what important is and must be taken to prevent it.” Pre-diabetes is considered the first stage before diabetes. The risk of Type 2 diabetes increases if the most common insulin resistance problem cannot be solved in a disease that is likely to occur in overweight and obese people. Professor Dr. Hasan Aydin, Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Endocrinology Specialist, informed about what is the secret sugar, symptoms and measures to be taken. Hidden sugar, known as pre-diabetes, is defined as the person’s blood sugar level is higher than normal and below the limit required for the diagnosis of diabetes. The stage of transition from normal glucose level to Type 2 diabetes, which is the pre-diabetes period, is also described as ‘prediabetes’ or ‘impaired glucose regulation ‘. According to research, most latent diabetics are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes after 10 years.

High Risk Of Diabetes

Warning that this disease is common in the community and that it is essential to give importance as in diabetes, Professor Dr. Hasan Aydin, Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Endocrinology Specialist, stressed that hidden diabetes patients are at high risk of vascular health and the risk of pre-diabetes turning into diabetes is very high. Professor Dr. Aydin said, “Insulin resistance disorder, which we cali before the first satiety and then starvation is a condition that causes diabetes with high blood sugar. And diabetes carries ali the risks caused by the disease. 20 percent of patients diagnosed with diabetes organ damage occurs in patients. attack risk, coming against the problems such as kidney failure. These pre-diabetes era emerges.” Professor Dr. Aydin said, “Diabetes is a very common disease, particularly in 1 out of every 7 people. With its predecessor pre-diabetes is seen in 1 out of every 3 people. The incidence in Turkey is 36 percent. pre-diabetes the road to diabetes in the long term is an important disease, you need to take precautions.”

Diabetes Can Be Prevented During Pre-Diabetes

Emphasizing that weight loss and exercise is an important factor in preventing disease, Dr. Aydin said, “Pre-diabetes can be prevented. The place is because this disease is diabetes begins. Diabetes begins where the impaired insulin secretion in the pancreas. This is because much of the oil in the most important factors in the body is. Accordingly, are emerging toxins. Cive therefore lose weight, eat healthy, exercise of these disorders Thus, the course of diabetes in the long term regression. Studies on this subject, by changing the lifestyle of people, weight and exercise, by showing 58 percent of these disorders are regressed. We know that drug treatment has improved by 27 percent. Healing is also provided by 27 percent with drug treatment.”

What Increases The Risk Of Disease

Recommending a blood glucose measurement once a year, Dr. Aydin said, “Some factors such as excess weight, family genetic ground, hypertension, pregnancy, poor nutrition, sedentary life, independently of each other bring out the risk of disease. People with such complaints should go through regular sugar monitoring. Once a year they must have their blood sugar measured.”

Possible To Be Protected From Disease

Informing about the measures to be taken to prevent disease, Yeditepe University Hospital Endocrinology Specialist Prof. Dr. Hasan Aydin, listed as follows: “To prevent disease to lose 10 percent of the body weight is necessary. For this, good nutrition and weight control is necessary. We should exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes per week. These should consist of aerobic exercises. Sugar and flour should be completely removed from our lives and need meal order. So no meal should be skipped. 3 meals must be consumed. Especially people with a family history of diabetes need to be more careful about this. They should continue it lifelong by making lifestyle changes.”

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