Chronic renal failure, which is one of the important health problems of our country, is treated with dialysis if the appropriate organ cannot be found. Professor Dr. Gürkan Tellioğlu, said, “Kidney function loss can lead to chronic renal failure över time, and this takes person to organ transplantation.”

People with hypertension, diabetes, or both, may have loss of kidney function. İn addition, kidney stones and infection, congenital urinary system problems, glomerulonephritis defined as a large group of diseases due to unconscious drug use can be found in the same problem. Declaring that however, many of these disorders may not give symptoms in the early period, Prof. Dr. Gürkan Tellioğlu, Yeditepe University Hospitals Kidney Transplant Clinic, said, “Slowly advancing diseases, causing an adaptation in the body is delayed to be notice.”

Moving Stealthily

Renal disease, nausea and vomiting are the most common causes of urea values in kidney patients. When you are connected to diabetes, frequent urination, and blood pressure, headache may occur. Therefore, if there is any problem, they should be kept under follow-up and regular health checks should be done. Thus, risk factors emerge, it is possible to take early measures.

++Anyone with Renal Failure Needs Assessment Loss of function in the kidney; chronic kidney Failure över time, this picture can lead to organ transplantation. Stating that therefore, it is important to evaluate the kidney transplantation of everyone living with kidney Failure, Prof. Dr. Tellioğlu said, “İn this context; patient’s cardiovascular system, lungs and body biochemistry, including very detailed tests should be done. İn addition, vvomen’s gynecology and birth, men in the urology department is important to be evaluated. As a result of ali the evaluations, the person is determined to be suitable for kidney transplantation and the transplantation process is started. If there is a live donor, the patient is screened to the fourth degree relatives. The decision of the ethics committees in provincial health directorates is decisive for non-relative living donors. Those who do not have a relative are included in the organ waiting list.

Donor Surgery Is Performed With Implicit Method

İn general, surgery is done for the treatment of diseases. The only exception is organ donor surgery. These people are being operated because they are healthy. The most advanced methods of transplantation operations, organ donors are important to shorten the time to return to their routine lives. Renal donor surgery is now performed with laparoscopic surgery, which is described as a closed method. İn this way, the complaint of pain after surgery is less, healing process is accelerated. The kidney is immediately transplanted to the patient who has chronic renal Failure. The First three months after surgery are of great importance. This refers to the critical period of the patient’s adaptation to a transplanted life. After intensive drug treatment, the number and dose of drugs began to decrease över time. Noting that after intensive medication, the dose and number of medications started to decrease, Prof Dr. Tellioğlu said, “İt is necessary to be cautious in order to reduce the risk of infection in the first three months after kidney transplantation. For this purpose, it is necessary to avoid crowded and poorly ventilated environments and to avoid contact with sick individuals, especially in terms of respiratory diseases. Kidney transplantation is not a treatment that ends with surgery. İt starts with surgery and continues for life.”

Percentage of the Living Donor Transplant in Turkey Very High

Reporting that in our country, due to the insufficient number of organ donations of people who passed away, stili living in these rates, Prof. Dr. G
ürkan Tellioğlu, said, “But on the other hand, the organ is a solution to the desperation of tens of thousands of patients, especially those expecting a kidney transplant. More organ donation is made in Europe and America than in our country. For example; 70- 80 percent of organ transplants in Spain, while donations from deceased persons, the rate of living donor transplants in Turkey reportedly 80 percent.”

One Day We Ali May Need!

Declaring that organ donation should be considered as a social insurance, Prof. Dr. Gürkan Tellioğlu, Yeditepe University Hospital Kidney Transplant Clinic Responsible, “When you or a relative needs organ transplantation, this depends on the organ donation awareness in the community whereyou live. If you live in a society like our country with a low donation rate, your only alternative is a live donor kidney transplant. Therefore, your organ donation and your contribution to social awareness in this regard, actually means to insure your own future.”

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