Yeditepe University has produced an emergency/pandemic transport ventilator prototype, one of the vital healthcare equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic. Technical tests for the prototype, developed with the spearheading of the Yeditepe University Biomedical Engineering Department and named “7Vent”, have been successful.

Once Covid-19 breaches the immune system and enters the body, the most challenging effects are manifested in the lungs of a patient. Once hospitalized, the patient starts to experience difficulty in breathing, and this situation increases the need for ventilators in hospitals. Having started to contribute to the solution of this increasing demand, Yeditepe University has produced an emergency/pandemic ventilator prototype that is suitable for short term primary use. Produced under the supervision of Prof. Ali Ümit Keskin, Head of Biomedical Engineering Department of Yeditepe University Faculty of Engineering, technical tests for the device have been successful.

Prof. Ali Ümit Keskin reminded that while the primary duty of universities is to educate and raise academics, it is expected of them to take on their social responsibilities and support the aim of self-sustainability of the country. Stating that Yeditepe University set its own goals, Prof. Keskin said that they started to work on an emergency ventilator as well as specific mask parts that are in high demand by healthcare professionals.

Completed In Four Weeks

Stating that this effort was not as easy as it would be during regular times as it was conducted in contemporary limitations due to the worries of an infection, curfews, difficulties of getting material supplies from other countries experienced by vendors, tight working shifts of some businesses in industrial zones and social distancing during production, Prof. Ali Ümit Keskin continued:

“Our efforts on a prototype ventilator has been completed successfully. The device, which we named “7Vent”, consists of a unique design and know-how from the planning phase to the final test phase. The device can provide 100 per cent, 40 per cent or 21 per cent of oxygen and can support PEEP (Positive end-expiratory pressure) as well as including various electronic warnings and alarms by conducting airway pressure checks.”

Emphasizing that it is possible to start serial production of the ventilator under the current circumstances, Keskin also stated that the production costs are considerably low.

Stating that apart from himself, there were contributions from Prof. Özge Köner, Head of Yeditepe University Anesthesiology Department, Prof. Sibel Temür, Lecturer Responsible From the Intensive Care, Can Karaağaç, Chairman of Biomedicals, Sabri Egemen Keskin, student of Electrical Engineering Department, Emirhan Şayhan, a technician from Mechanical Engineering Department and Tayfun Mert from Erdemir, Keskin also mentioned that Draeger and Kılıçlar Medical firms also contributed to the project by providing various testing devices and components free of charge.

Full Face Mask With Virus Filter: From Snorkel To Mask

On the other hand, thanks to the collaboration of Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Yeditepe University produced various types of adapters in 3D printers and provided a three-pieced “Full Face Mask with Virus Filter” to the healthcare personnel in Yeditepe University Hospitals Emergency Rooms and ICUs.

Regarding the mask, Prof. Ali Keskin made the following statement:

“Full face mask with a secure filter provides a longer period of safe and easier breathing compared to the widespread N95 masks. Clouding of vision is a vital issue in masks, yet it does not occur with these. It is made of three separate parts. 1- Base part – A snorkel that covers the face completely. Size is chosen according to the user. 2- Adapter part; It is made of PLA-filament material using 3D printing techniques; 3- Single-use virus filter. Mask has been in regular service of Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital staff in Emergency Room and ICU personnel, and it has been deemed successful. In regard to providing and / or manufacturing snorkel masks, we are continuing our efforts to make use of full-face masks with virus filters nation-wide in order to protect healthcare personnel from the virus during their efforts of Covid-19 patients’ treatment. We continue to produce visored masks, liquid hand sanitizers, environmental sanitizers and other various products in different faculties and departments of our university. The produced materials are used for both the needs of our university as well as the needs of other healthcare institutions or others.”

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